About Us

• Corporate Name: Global Media Corporation
• President & CEO: Masanori Tonegawa
• Established: January 1994
• Head Office: 7-2-2F, Kobune-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0024
• Tel: 03-5623-6550
• Fax: 03-5539-3539
• Email: info@delicious-japan.com
• URL: http://www.gm-group.net/en/

Global Media Corporation (GMC) founded in 1994 will mark its 22nd anniversary this year. In 2003, we established a local subsidiary in the US and later founded a company with a local partner that focuses on food marketing and consultation. We began publishing an English restaurant & bar guide from 2005 for foreign visitors to safely enjoy foods and drinks of Japan. This magazine was circulated in both Japan and the US. This is the starting point of the current “delicious Japan”.
Since 2015, the magazine changed its name to “delicious Japan” and is published twice a year (spring-summer issue and autumn-winter issue). This magazine is not only loved by foreign visitors, but also by embassy workers, national tourist bureaus, and foreign owned enterprises.
Eating is one of the greatest joys for anyone. If we could help increase the number of Japanese fans by deepening their understanding of Japan through pleasurable food experience, that is our greatest joy.

Our Services
We are a company that specializes in bridging Japan and foreign countries in all types of categories. We provide comprehensive support for global market development of Japanese companies and Japanese market entry of foreign governments or companies. Our strength is to provide international assistance in trade, investment and tourism between two countries.
- Market research (Japanese market overview, market entry potentials)
- Test marketing (test marketing in Japan using product samples)
- Representation for exhibiting in trade shows (effective test marketing tool)
- Support for exhibiting in trade shows, help find importer / agent / distributor
- Support as an agent
- Language services (translation, interpretation), website, printing, social networking medias
- Planning and organizing events such as “Trade and Investment Seminars” or any other Meeting-Oriented Programs (MOP) to achieve your targets and goals
- B2B business matching
- Planning and organizing retail tour, setting up and organizing company visits
- Organizing and accompanying buying tours / missions from Japan
- Writing press releases
- Placing advertisements to trade papers and general papers
- Media and press services
- Other necessary services