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Sake 2020 Event with Tenryo

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Announcing John Gauntner’s
Sake Professional Course in Denver, Colorado
Monday, August 28 ~ Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Recognized by the Sake Education Council

No sake stone remains left unturned
As of July 2, only 20 seats remain available.

"Quite simply, the best and most thorough sake education on the planet."

From Monday, August 28 to Wednesday August 30, I will hold the 27th North American running (and 40th overall) of theSake Professional Course at the University of Denver, (Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality, Daniels College of Business) in Denver, Colorado. The content of this intensive sake course will be identical to that of the Sake Professional Course held each January in Japan, with the exception of visiting sake breweries. The course is recognized by the Sake Education Council, and those that complete it will be qualified to take the exam for Certified Sake Specialist, which will be offered on the evening of the last day of the course.

The course is geared toward industry professionals wishing to expand their horizons in a thorough manner into the world of sake, and will therefore be somewhat technical in nature, and admittedly somewhat intense. It is likely more than the average consumer needs! But the course is open to anyone with an interest and sake and will certainly be enjoyable. The course lectures and tasting will begin with the utter basics, and will thoroughly progress through and cover everything related to sake. There will be an emphasis on empirical experience, with plenty of exposure to a wide range of sake in the tasting sessions throughout the three days. Each of the three days will provide the environment for a focused, intense and concerted training period.

The goal of this course is that “no sake stone remains left unturned,” and my motto is “exceed expectations for the course.” Every conceivable sake-related topic will be covered, and each lecture will be complimented and augmented by a relevant tasting session. Participants will not simply hear about differences based on rice types or yeast types, they will taste and smell them. Students will not only absorb technical data about yamahai, kimoto, nama genshu, aged sake and regionality, they will absorb the pertinent flavors and aromas within the related sake as well. Participants will taste over 90 sake within five focused tasting exercises across the three days.
Like its counterpart held in Japan each winter, it will be quite simply the most thorough and comprehensive English-language sake education in existence. Participants will also be presented with a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

The cost for the three-day class, including all materials and sake for tasting, is US$899. Participation is limited and reservations can be made now to secure a seat; full payment will be requested at a later date. For reservations or inquiries, please send an email to sakeguy@gol.com. For more information, a downloadable pdf announcement and a view of the daily syllabus, please go here. Testimonials from past participants can be found here as well.

John Gauntner
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