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Premier Wakayama

Promotion event of "Premier Wakayama", was held at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo on November 28. Wakayama prefecture, with full of technology and skills that have been cultivated in the history, has various agricultural, forestry, and fishery products and traditional performing arts.

7 of the famous celebrities including writers, singer, etc. attended as "Premier Wakayama Partner", and actress Rei Okamoto as "Wakayama Panda Ambassador", and they all are promoting "Premier Wakayama".

3 Products below were awarded as "Shorei (Incentive) Award".

1618 Arakawa no momo (peach flavor)      Hon-no-ji Manju       Bamboo Speaker -Kaguya-

1618 Arakawa no momo (peach flavor) - serbet that uses 46% of juice and fresh pulp of peach.
Hon-no-ji Ma nju - Japanese traditional sweets with slightly flavor of sake.
Babmboo Speaker - Kaguya - - omni directional speaker that enclosures smoked bamboo.

Tawashi (traditional scrubbing brush) of Takada Kouzou Shouten was awarded as a "Special Award".

Some of the food from Wakayama Prefecture. Wakayama is one of the rare prefectures where products from aperitif to dessert could be all served with made-in-Wakayama products.

100% pure juice mikan shibori     Kaki-su (persimmon vinegar)       Nagisa Beer

Ume, Japanese plum, is one of the representative product of Wakayama and so is ume-shu (plum wine). Various kinds of ume-shu were displayed at the event for tasting.
Nanki no Kanjuku Nigori Umeshu      Binchotan no Shirabe       Kamihaya san no Umeshu

  Udon made with Japanese plum       Shiitake mushroom          Peach jam

     Japanese Plum            Maboroshi no hatagonbo          Sushi

   Persimmon and tangerine      Deluxe cake with white chocolate    Chocolate covered orange

Visit Premier Wakayama homepage for further information and other products from Wakayama. They also have facebook and instagram!

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