Kimchi with a Twist

New from Tokyo Shokuhin Services in Japan, “Mixable” Olive Oil Kimchi is sure to change the way you think about kimchi. Japanese daikon radishes and a variety of full bodied flavors are pickled to perfection in olive oil, bringing an entirely new seasoning to the dinner table.

Soy sauce, the hidden ingredient, blends with the olive oil to add an unparalleled richness to the sweetness and spice of kimchi. And with no artificial colorings or preservatives, you can rest assured you are enjoying an all-natural product. With “Mixable” Olive Oil Kimchi, a classic food is made even more versatile. It can be enjoyed straight out of the jar, or as the name suggests, mixed as a seasoning with all kinds of dishes, both eastern and elsewhere. From Japanese tofu to Italian spaghetti, the only limit is your imagination!

With white rice
Chilled tofu
Meat and vegetable stir fry
Spaghetti with a kick
Also perfect for hors d’oeuvres

Product Information
Product Name: Mazeru Kimuchi Olive Oil-Zuke ("Mixable" Olive Oil Kimchi)
Shelf Life: 45 days refrigerated 10 degrees Celsius or under
Weight: 160g
Ingredients: daikon radish (grown in Japan), olive oil, garlic, red pepper, sugar, sesame seed oil, carrots, rapeseed oil, onions, ginger, kombu seaweed, salt, leeks, soy sauce, sesame, amino acids

Company Information
Tokyo Shokuhin Services Ltd.
TEL: 03-5809-5428 FAX: 03-5809-5429 E-MAIL: k_matsuda_tosyoku@ybb.ne.jp