Yakitori Ohgiya (Asakusa)(やきとりの扇屋 浅草店)

Izakaya, Yakitori, Kushiage, Kamameshi Tel: 03-5806-2410

The “grilling masters” of Ohgiya put their hearts into charcoal grilling each yakitori (from 100 yen- / skewer) using “secret teriyaki sauce recipe” and “special salt.” Other menus include kamameshi, deep-fried chicken wings, kushiage, and stewed dishes. Ohgiya is located near Sensoji and only takes 2 minutes walk from Asakusa station.

Recommended Yakitori 100 yen- / skewer (Teriyaki & Salt)
-Grilled at high heat, outside of the chicken is crispy while inside is juicy.
Open Hours & Closing Dates <Mon-Fri> 4PM-12AM (L.O. 11PM)
<Sat, Sun & Holidays> 1PM-12AM (L.O. 11PM)
*Open everyday
Reservation Suggested
Budget Lunch: 700-800 yen / Dinner: 2,300 yen- / Course: 2,000 yen- (all you can drink)
Available Alcoholic Drinks Sake, Shochu, Beer, Liqueur, Wine
Type of Menus English, Chinese, and photo
Availability of Foreign Language Speaking Staff
Not available
Smoking Smoking permitted
Wi-Fi Not available
Credit Card VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB
Tel & URL 03-5806-2410  http://www.via-hd.co.jp/o-giya/business/ohgiya.php
Access & Address Asakusa Station (Exit 6), 2 min. walk
Address: 2-1-15 Asakusa, Taito-ku