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Asakusa BELL(浅草 BELL)

Yoshoku (Western-style Food)
Established in 1952, we have been offering western-style dishes for more than 60 years. The prices are reasonable and many local people come to enjoy the western-style Japanese food from the good old days. .... Click here for more detail

Funawa Cafe (Asakusa) (ふなわかふぇ 浅草店)

Funawa, a long-standing Japanese sweets shop that was established in 1902, newly opened as Funawa Cafe. .... Click here for more detail

Gindaco (Asakusa) (築地銀だこ 浅草店)

Gindaco is a well-known Takoyaki shop that has locations all over Japan. We are located only 1 minute away from Asakusa Station.
.... Click here for more detail

Ten-don Aoimarushin(天丼 葵丸進)

Tempura, Ten-don
“The taste of Asakusa, Edo-style tempura, Aoimarushin.” Located on Kaminari-dori, 1 minute away from Sensoji Kaminari Gate, Aoimarushin has been operating for nearly 70 years since its establishment in 1946. .... Click here for more detail

Restaurant > Asakusa