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043 BAR of TOKYO (Marunouchi Trust Tower)(BAR of TOKYO 丸の内トラストタワー店

Bar, Yoshoku (Western Food)
A new type of bar originating in Tokyo that is different from the ordinary static bars. Listen to upbeat music in a stylish atmosphere with some wine or beer in your hand. Enjoy the bistro-style dishes .... Click here for more detail

044 GUNDAM Café (Tokyo Station) (GUNDAM Café 東京駅店)

Entertainment Cafe
Enjoy GUNDAM characters as a café menu! Their menu just renewed in September, so check out the latest GUNDAM gourmet.  .... Click here for more detail

Gonpachi (G-Zone Ginza)(権八 G-Zone 銀座)

We are a branch of Gonpachi (Nishi Azabu), known as the model of the movie, “KILL BILL”. In the atmosphere of an old Japanese-style housing, we serve creative Japanese menu using healthy, .... Click here for more detail

Yamamotoyama (Nihonbashi)(山本山 日本橋本店)

Nori (seaweed) & Tea Shop, Cafe
Yamamotoyama sells tea and seaweed to our customers with care and hospitality that reflects the good old days of Edo when our store was established, and for the satisfaction of our customers.
.... Click here for more detail

Ginza Sato Yosuke(銀座 佐藤養助)

Udon, Akita Prefecture Cuisine
Our Inaniwa udon is called a handmade masterpiece from its smoothness and strength. Ginza Sato Yosuke is the first branch in Tokyo.
.... Click here for more detail


We have easy access from the stations and shopping areas: only 2-minute walk from Ginza Station and Ginza 1-chome Station. Also 5-minute walk from Yurakucho Station. .... Click here for more detail

045 Oreshiki -Jun-(とんこつらーめん 俺式 -純-)

Oreshiki -Jun- is located in Tokyo Ramen Street, the number one spot for ramen lovers! Try their refreshing and mild tonkotsu soup that is stewed for over 12 hours every day. .... Click here for more detail

046 Hirugao(ひるがお)

Hirugao is a branch of a salt ramen restaurant located along Ring Road No. 7, an area well known as a ramen battleground. Try their salt ramen with rich natural flavors of chicken, kelp, .... Click here for more detail

038 Ginza Suikyoutei(銀座 水響亭)

Restaurant & Bar
Dining seats of Suikyotei are surrounded by aquariums of swimming tropical fish! Have yourself some wine and western food in a luxurious atmosphere of Ginza. .... Click here for more detail

XEX TOKYO - Teppanyaki An(XEX TOKYO/鉄板焼 An)

XEX TOKYO - Teppanyaki An(XEX TOKYO/鉄板焼 An)

Teppanyaki, Washoku
Enjoy your time at Teppanyaki An with your five senses as you watch the supreme ingredients turn into a cuisine in the hands of our chefs with high techniques.  .... Click here for more detail

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