GARDEN DINING(ガーデンダイニング)

Yoshoku (Western style) Tel: 03-5500-6600

Just as the sea breeze is linked to the gentle breeze that blows over Odaiba, the natural light that pours in toward the sunroof seats from the terrace seats overlooking natural greenery gives the restaurant a sense of unity between its exterior and interior The interior of the restaurant uses natural yellows and greens, and the connections running from the terrace seats to the interior seats, and from the interior to the foyer, give it a breezy feel.

Recommended Dinner Buffet -“Hotel Special Roast Beef”
Open Hours & Closing Dates <Lunch> 11:30AM-3PM (L.O. 2:30PM)
<Dinner> 5:30PM-9:30PM (L.O. 9PM)
Reservation Required
Budget Lunch: 3,000 yen- / Dinner: 5,000 yen-
Available Alcoholic Drinks Sake, Shochu, Beer, Liqueur, Wine
Type of Menus English
Availability of Foreign Language Speaking Staff
English (May not be available everyday)
Smoking No smoking at all times
Wi-Fk Available
Credit Card VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB
Tel & URL 003-6206-1151
Access & Address Perusa 115 4F, 1-15-5 Shinbashi, Minato-ku