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028 Ikesu Doraku (Azumabashi)(いけす道楽 吾妻橋店)*to be closed*

Seafood, Sushi
Have fresh seafood after visiting Asakusa Kaminari Gate and TOKYO SKYTREE®! At Ikesu Doraku, we have pride in our fish, shrimp, and sushi..
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029 Kani Doraku (Azumabashi)(かに道楽 吾妻橋店)*to be closed*

Enjoy their fresh crab dishes to your heart’s content - boiled crab, crab sashimi, grilled crab, crab sushi, etc. - in the reposeful space filled with the Japanese spirit of harmony .... Click here for more detail

Katsukitei(こだわりとんかつ かつき亭)

Located at Honjo Azumabashi near the TOKYO SKYTREE®, we have been serving tonkatsu for a long time that is loved by the Japanese people.
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Sansyu-ya(割烹 三州家)

Washoku, Kaiseki
Established in 1889, we are a long-standing Japanese kappo restaurant. Please enjoy your meal at our private Japanese-style tatami room (private chair seats also available). .... Click here for more detail

Mitsumasa(そばの里 みつまさ)

Washoku, Soba
Established in 1925, we are a member of Sumida-ku Meihin Meitenkai. All of our soba is nihachisoba (soba made with two parts udon flour to eight parts soba flour). .... Click here for more detail


Washoku, Kaiseki
Located near Sensoji and TOKYO SKYTREE®, we stand on the 21st floor of Asahi Beer head office that is in a shape of a beer glass.
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Washoku, Nabe
Quadrupeds were not commonly eaten among the samurai community in the Edo Period. However, wild boar has been enjoyed by the commoners for a long time and .... Click here for more detail


Bar, Dining
Facing the TOKYO SKYTREE®, we are like a hiding place in the shitamachi residential area. 850 different brands of imo (sweet potato), mugi (barley), kome (rice), kokuto (brown sugar) shochu .... Click here for more detail


Monja, Okonomiyaki, Teppanyaki, Washoku
The second-generation owner of “CHICO-chan,” a famous monjayaki restaurant that has been operating for 20 years in the shitamachi area, was involved in the opening of our restaurant. .... Click here for more detail

Gyosai Nihonbashitei (Ryogoku) (魚菜 日本橋亭 両国店)

Washoku, Izakaya
HWe are a washoku izakaya near Ryogoku Kokugikan and Edo Tokyo Museum. We have a wide variety of set menus, udon, pasta, and other menus.
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Vegan Cafe
We are a vegan cafe that renovated a warehouse located near Ooyokogawa Shinsui Park between TOKYO SKYTREE® and Kinshicho Station.
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