Ganko (Nishi Shinjuku)(がんこ 西新宿店)

Washoku, Kaiseki Tel: 03-5322-7011

Ganko (Yamano Aiko-tei) Ganko (Yamano Aiko-tei)

  Ganko’s greatest appeal is its diverse menu of all kinds of affordable Japanese cuisine. You could take the “Gozen” set menu to enjoy a fullcourse meal of seasonal dishes, or you could order a la carte to share dishes among a large group. There’s sushi, there’s tempura, and there are unagi (eel) dishes. There’s sukiyaki and shabushabu. People who aren’t keen on raw fish are covered by the extensive menu of meat dishes and fried items.



Recommended Sushi (large platter)
Open Hours & Closing Dates 11AM-3PM, 5PM-11PM
Reservation Required
Budget Lunch: 2,000 yen- / Dinner: 3,500 yen- / Course: 5,500 yen-
Available Alcoholic Drinks Sake, Shochu, Beer, Liqueur, Wine
Type of Menus English, Chinese, Korean, photo
Availability of Foreign Language Speaking Staff
English, Chinese, Korean (May not be available everyday)
Smoking No smoking at all times
Wi-Fi Not available
Credit Card VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB, UnionPay, others
Others Vegetarian menu available*
Tel & URL 03-5322-7011
Access & Address Higashi Shinjuku Station (West Exit) 2 min. walk
1-10-2-10F Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

* In many cases, reservations are required for vegetarian and halal menus. Please ask the restaurant for more information.