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Gindaco (Ueno Ame-Yoko) (築地銀だこ 上野アメ横店)

Gindaco is a well-known Takoyaki shop that has locations all over Japan. Our shop is located only 2 minutes away from Ueno Station. You can take your food outside or use our eating space on 1st and 2nd floors. .... Click here for more detail

Katsukura (atre Ueno) (かつくら アトレ上野店)

Katsukura has been specializing in tonkatsu (pork cutlets) in the lands of Kyoto, which is refined and strict towards foods. Not only do we pursue the crispy and juicy deliciousness of tonkatsu,  .... Click here for more detail

015 Kushikatsu Dengana (Ueno & Okachimachi)
(串かつでんがな 上野店&御徒町店)

Izakaya, Kushikatsu
You can enjoy “kushikatsu” from Shinsekai, Osaka. Inside, you can feel the good old days, while eating our top 2 menus: delicious “kushikatsu” with the taste of Osaka and “dote-yaki,”  .... Click here for more detail

Obon de Gohan (Ueno) (おぼんde ごはん 上野店)

Washoku, Cafe
Enjoy a well-balanced healthy meal in cafe style. Tasty food and precious time of dining makes your heart and body cheerful.
 .... Click here for more detail

Omusubi no GABA (Akihabara)(おむすびのGABA 秋葉原店)

Rice ball
We specialize in Japanese fast food, “omusubi” (rice ball). Our omusubi made with GABA rice that highly contains GABA is nice and fluffy, while you can feel each grain of rice in your mouth. .... Click here for more detail

Shutei Juraku (Ueno) (酒亭じゅらく 上野店)

Fresh fish are shipped directly from several Japanese fishing ports such as Kyushu Goto Islands and Sendai! Fresh sashimi is our top selling menu!
 .... Click here for more detail

Torarenbo (Akihabara) (虎連坊 秋葉原店)

Enjoy the four seasons of Japan with seasonal ingredients. Spend your time with good food and good sake. Genshiyaki is a primitive way of grilling that .... Click here for more detail

Torigen (Ueno Asakusaguchi & Showa-dori)
(鳥元 上野浅草口店&昭和通り店)

Izakaya, Yakitori
We value our customer’s health, safety, and security. Our motto, "direct from the producer” connects our customers with producers and Japanese ingredients.  .... Click here for more detail

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