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  • Washoku, Izakaya, Nihonshu Bar, Gibier cuisine

Wagalico is a kappo bistro restaurant that mainly serves gibier (wild game) dishes together with fresh seafood and vegetables. They serve gibier at a reasonable price and taste that is widely accepted. There are many types of alcoholic beverages, but sparkling sake is a must try if you order gibier dishes. Grilled rice ball with sea urchin is a popular for a final dish.

Recommended Pheasant breast meat with green onions
Open Hours & Closing Dates <Mon-Thu> 5:00PM-2:00AM (L.O. 1:00AM)
<Fri&Sat> 5:00PM-5:00AM (L.O. 4:00AM)
<Sun> 5:00PM-12:00AM (L.O. 11:00PM)
*Open everyday
Reservation Suggested
Budget Dinner: 3,000 yen- / Course: 4,000 yen-
Available Alcoholic Drinks Sake, Shochu, Beer, Wine, Sparkling sake
Type of Menus English
Availability of Foreign Language Speaking Staff
English (May not be available everyday)
Smoking Permitted at all time
Wi-Fi Not available
Credit Card Not available
Tel & URL 070-1319-7406  
Access & Address Ikebukuro Station (West Exit) 10 min. walk
2-58-9-1F, Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku