Kanda Enzo (Akihabara UDX)(神田炎蔵 秋葉原UDX)

Yakiniku TEL: 03-5289-8480

On the third floor of Akihabara UDX is Kanda Enzo, a Yakiniku restaurant where you can enjoy carefully selected domestic beef along with a wide variety of shochu and other types of alcoholic beverages in the Edo Townhouse-style interior. More than 10 types of shochu are ready to be served with juicy beef!

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Recommendation Enzo Course (Image left), Boneless Short Rib, Seafood Korean Pancake, Stone-Roasted Bibimbap (Image right)
Available Alcoholic Drinks Sake, Shochu, Beer, Liqueur, Wine
Open Hours & Closing Dates <Mon-Fri> Lunch 11AM-3PM (L.O. 2:30PM) Dinner 5PM-11PM (L.O. 10PM)
<Sat, Sun & Holiday> Lunch 11AM-5PM (L.O. 4:30PM)
Dinner 5PM-10PM (L.O. 9PM)
<Closed> When Akihabara UDX is closeD
Reservation Not required
Budget Lunch: 1,020 yen- / Dinner: 4,000 yen- / Course: 5,000 yen-
Available Alcoholic Drinks Sake, Shochu, Beer, Liqueur, Wine
Type of Menus English
Availability of Foreign Language Speaking Staff
Not available
Smoking Permitted
Wi-Fi Not Available
Credit Card Not available
Tel & URL 03-5289-8480  http://www.create-restaurants.co.jp
Access & Address JR Akihabara Station (Electric Town Exit) 1 min. walk
4-14-1-3F Soto Kanda, Chiyoda-ku