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"ONE PIECE"  - Tokyo One Piece Tower is a Full-time Attraction Theme Park -

Tokyo One Piece Tower, located on the 1st floor and floors 3-5 of Tokyo Tower Foot Town, is the first big theme park in the world to let fans experience the world of the "ONE PIECE" cartoon. ......Click here for more detail



The quality of Japanese food has been pushed to such heights, and is supported by such broad base, because there are countless diverse “cookery researchers” at work throughout Japan. ......Click here for more detail

Restaurant Review: Kyoto Nijyōen Ginza 8-chome

The "haute cuisine" of Japanese chow is surprising, memorable, and even whimsical in Ginza's Kyoto Nijyōen Japanese restaurant. ......Click here for more detail

Global Kitchen: Series3 -WINE & FOODS from ISRAEL-

Israeli food is a fusion of these different food cultures, but we can say that there are two main types of cuisines: traditional Jewish cuisine developed by the Jewish immigrants and Mediterranean cuisine based on vegetables, fruits, olive oil, dates, and local fresh products. ......Click here for more detail


Interview with Toshiyuki Kato, Executive Chef of Longing House -We need to establish natural cuisine as a genre in the future like Chinese, French, or Italian. It is a great thing to have learned that through the audition ......Click here for more detail


The 46th International Hotel and Restaurant Show (February 20th-23rd, 2018, Tokyo Big Sight) presented “Natural Food: Audition to Discover New Recipes” as one of its showcase events.......Click here for more detail


In Japan, the winners of the “New Words and Buzz Words Prize” are announced on December 1st every year. In 2017, the trend in food was for photogenic, colorful, and Instagram-friendly items. Many women going to restaurants and cafes with smartphones ......Click here for more detail


Global Kitchen: Series2 -WINE & FOODS from NEW ZEALAND-

Talking to Ichiro Kiyotomi, Business Development Manager, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, New ealand Embassy Wine Sommelier ......Click here for more detail

DECODING Japanese Food Trends from Trade Shows -Series 2-

There are two prominent trend fields in recent food shows. One is washoku. The other is the natural foods fi eld, which bases its appeal on nutritional value, nature, and the environment. ......Click here for more detail


Featuring "FUERZA BRUTA WA !!", "MANGEKYO", "Carmenere", "Jazz Bird" ......Click here for more detail

Bio C' Bon Japan: Ranging from Novelty to Nostalgia

Aeon Group has been involved with organic food since before the JAS organic certification system was enacted in 2000.. ......Click here for more detail

Natural Food -Audition to Discover New Recipes-

MThe 46th International Hotel and Restaurant Show (February 20th-23rd, 2018, Tokyo Big Sight) will present “Natural Food: Audition to Discover New Recipes” as one of its showcase events.. ......Click here for more detail

From the Editor: The Night-Time Economy

Musicals, live concerts, and dance. Europe and North America have deeply-rooted club cultures that adultsenjoy until late. There is a building momentum in Japan too, towards a boom in the night-time economy. ......Click here for more detail


GEKKEIKAN -For Your Lifestyle Taste

Gekkeikan was originally founded in 1637, when Okura Jiemon opened up a sake shop in Fushimi, where our head offi ce is also currently located. Our company was nothing more than a small local sake shop for the first 250 years.......Click here for more detail


The health and beauty benefits that amazake has is extraordinary. The koji rice malt breaks down the rice to produce many different enzymes, essential amino acids and vitamins, especially vitamin B......Click here for more detail

Healthy & Delicious Konnyaku on Your Table

Konnyaku is far healthier than carbohydrates. However, it has a distinctive odor, so it is preprocessed before cooking to remove odor and bitterness. .....Click here for more detail

About "Marukome"

Marukome, since its founding in 1854, has developed based on the ancient Japanese fermentation technology. Focusing on Miso (Soybean Paste) Marukome has achieved to be No.1 in the mis oindustry by innovative product developmpent to answer the needs of the age. .....Click here for more detail

Fermented Condiments and Nihonshu (Japanese Sake)

Fermented condiments such as miso, soy sauce, vinegar, sake, and mirin are essential for flavoring washoku. Japan gets hot and humid in the summer, so it has a well0developed tradition of fermented foods, in common with other Asian countries. .....Click here for more detail

Traditional Japanese Ingredients to the World

With growing interest in health, super foods and "foods with function claims" are gathering attention as being good for health and the body, and stimulating the market in Japan. .....Click here for more detail

delicious Japan Sepecial Extra Edition -from the editor-

The 1st Japan's Food Export Fair will take place at Makuhari Messe in Japan over three days, on the 11th to 13th of October 2017. The Japanese government has set a target of expanding exports of agricultural, forestry, and fisheries produce and food products to JPY1 trillion by 2019. .....Click here for more detail


ANTI-AGING COOKING at Brasserie Le Rire

Anti-Aging cooking is the processes of oxidation, saccharifi cation, and inflammation within the body lead to aging. Antiaging cooking means cooking with ingredients that have antioxidant effects, which help to resist oxidation, and using preparation methods .....Click here for more detail

Has Japan's Organic Age Arrived at Last?

A conversation with President Yohei Shirakawa of Natural House, the pioneer of the organic market in Japan. Natural House, which manufactures and sells organic foods and cosmetics, now has 30 branches.....Click here for more detail

Global Kitchen: Series 1 -EAT POLAND-

Talking to Maria Żurawska, Deputy Director / First Secretary of Polish Cultural and Information Center in Tokyo....Click here for more detail

DECODING Japanese Food Trends from Trade Shows

There are around 40 shows a year in the whole of Japan that are mainly about the food and beverage field. Three or four a month take place mainly in Tokyo, Chiba, and Osaka, and the level of activity in food-related trade shows has never been higher. ....Click here for more detail

Interveiw with Hiroshi Tajima, Executive Director of Washoku Japan

With its long north-south extension, abundant nature, and surrounding seas, Japan is blessed by different ingredients through its four seasons. Over countless years, Japan has formed a dietary culture that is interlinked with traditional regional ceremonies and cooking methods....Click here for more detail


Naoyuki Yanagihara -Cooks Who Pass on Japan's Culinary Traditions

Together with his father, heresearches and teaches Japanese cuisine and chakaiseki at the Yanagihara Cooking School. The students study the basics of Japanese cuisine, such as how to polish rice, how to make dashi stock, delicious serving presentations, and manners.........Click here for more detail

GLUTEN-FREE BOOM -in the Runup to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Food trends that are attracting increasing attention now include gluten-free, vegan, superfood, organic, and environment-friendly produce. As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics nears, numbers of foreign tourists are surging, boosted by Japan’s inbound tourism promotion policy........Click here for more detail

Restaurant Review: Japanese Restaurant Horikawa

"Sake Salon” will offer you a chance to taste the real Niigata style of sake! .........Click here for more detail


The basement food oors of department stores are a paradise for souvenirs and gifts. Big department stores are clustered around each of the major station in Tokyo, and their depachika doors are well-stocked omiage spots. Depachika promise to be fun, ......Click here for more detail

Hitoshinaya -The Ultimate Food to Eat at the Doorway to the Sky-

Hitoshinaya pursues the flavor of “dashi” stock, the foundation of washoku Japanese food. It produces cuisine that brings out the flavors of each season’s ingredients. Hitoshinaya is attracting attention for trying new ideas, in its cuisine and its space, that are unprecedented in airports.......Click here for more detail

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Nihonbashi is the Place to Perch for a While

Tasted in this Los Angeles-style expansive space, the fine-foamed cappuccinos and lattes are superb. Singleorigin coffee, which uses only beans from one plantation, with no mixing, delivers the flavor of a different growing region each day......Click here for more detail

Exclusive Interview with the CEO of SUSHI ZANMAI

Sushi Zanmai has won nationwide recognition for low prices, delicious flavors, and freshness. New Year’s auction at Tsukiji central wholesale market takes place on January 5th, and in 2013, the company’s president, Kiyoshi Kimura, became the man of the hour by buying a bluefin tuna for JPY155.4 million.....Click here for more detail

TOKYO -A Gourmet Cluster

From three Michelin-starred restaurants to humble alleyway rame shops. What makes Tokyo the world's best food city? TOKYO is a world-renowned city for excellent food. It is bursting with an endless variety of restaurants and shops. Part of the appeal of Tokyo is that you can experience little-known gourmet food from around Japan....Click here for more detail


Sake Professional Course in Japan

The Sake Professional Course in Japan is far and away the best possible sake education in existence. Three days of lecture and tasting, each evening capped off with dinner and fine, fine sake, followed by two days spent visiting four sake breweries of different size and scale ...Click here for more detail

A FOOD WONDERLAND -Explore the different regions of Japan at Foodex Japan 2016-

FOODEX, Asia’s largest specialist food and beverage exhibitions that takes place every March at Makuhari Messe. It supports business expansion for the food industry, spreads the latest trends, and brings together buyers from around the world. Explore Wakayama, Tokushima, North Hokkaido, Okayama, and Kochi Prefecture!...Click here for more detail

Hochoshiki Ceremonial Carving

This ceremony has been performed at celebrations and Buddhist memorial services by carving chefs since the Heian era (around 860 ad). .... Click here for more detail

Regional Foods

Tokyo, Where You Can Experience All Kinds of Regional Produce Food is one of the great pleasures to be found in a traveler’s destination. A region’s food is a precious resource, carrying on culture and history that are rooted in its land. The true dynamism of Japan’s regional flavors .... Click here for more detail

Gluten-Free Moves in the Hotel Industry

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics drawing near, it is becoming increasingly urgent to meet related needs in areas such as ingredient procurement methods, menu development, and kitchen arrangements. Let’s take a look at the current situation of Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay and the Penninsula Tokyo ..... Click here for more detail

Ramen -Flavor of Japan, Skills of Japan- vol.2

Ramen, which crossed over to Japan from China, is now enjoying a boom in popularity as a Japanese national food, highly regarded by gourmets around the world. ..... Click here for more detail


Ganko Story
Experience the True Japan at Ganko

Hands-on Sushi-making Experience
“sushi-nigiri” (sushi-making) event is open to groups of two or more people. Participants are taken into a spacious Japanese tatamifloored room with a tokonom alcove, with a deeply Japanese mood.
.... Click here for more detail

Fukusuke Horikawa Chain
The Spirit of the “Originator of California Roll”

The California Roll is now the best known “Japanese food” around the world. To get Americxans to accept Sushi, California Rolls have the raw ingredients and nori, which might be visually off-putting, folded into the interior. Very few people know that Fukusuke was the birthplace of the California Roll.
.... Click here for more detail

Ramen -Flavor of Japan, Skills of Japan-

Exclusive Interview with Tsukasa Maejima, CEO of Setagaya Ramen Group Maejima, AKA Mr. Ramen, talks about the appeal of Ramen, well-loved as the national food most familiar to the Japanese people. Taste the connoisseur's ramen made by Japan’s Mister Ramen. .... Click here for more detail

Izakaya Interview

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Junichi Otani, CEO of Ippo-Ippo Group and Chairman of Izakaya Koshien
I think izakaya might be the best place to feel the power of Japan’s omotenashi (hospitality). "We aspire to be a group that bows down to its customers, not to money." .... Click here for more detail

Izakaya & Ramen(居酒屋&ラーメン)
Favorite Dining Experiences of the Ordinary Japanese

Izakaya is a kind of bar / restaurant that serves drinks together with a diverse menu of dishes, ranging from simple to elaborate.The origin of izakaya dates back to the start of the 8th century, .... Click here for more detail



Talking to Takaharu Nishimura, 14th owner of the Sawanotsuru Brewery, which carries on 300 years of tradition.
Sawanotsuru was founded in the Edo era, about 300 years ago.
The key things in sake-making are rice, water, and people.
.... Click here for more detail

Celebrating the world of sake culture -JOHN GAUNTNER-

John Gauntner, known as the "Sake guy” in Japan, is the leading non-Japanese sake expert in the world. He is also the only non-Japanese to function as an advisor and consultant for the Japanese government on sake promotion and the worldwide sake market. .... Click here for more detail

Restaurant Review: Asakusa Imahan

"Where can I find an authentic Japanese shabu-shabu and sukiyaki dining experience?” Embedded in a neighborhood jumble of working class shops and eateries, leave the chaos outdoors and step through the Asakusa Imahan(浅草今半) .... Click here for more detail


–The art and history of Jaanese sake and Japanese culture-

Nihonshu, or Japanese sake, is Japan’s national drink, and the epitome of Japanese culture. Made from rice and water, the blessings of Japan’s land and climate, it is made in all parts of Japan, and is intimately interconnected with Japan’s unique beliefs, annual festivals, and way of life.
.... Click here for more detail

Tradition & Culture of Japanese Cuisine

Hiroshi Nagashima, Born in 1946. Owner of the Yasai Kaiseki "Nagamine." Awarded “Great Craftsmen in the Edo” and “Great Craftsmen in the Present World” and others. Has written many publications on Japanese cuisine, including "The Encyclopedia of Japanese Culinary Tradition and Culture.
.... Click here for more detail

Restaurant Review: Ganko Yamano Aiko-tei   By Kayla Kremer

Explore the seasons of Japan with the refined and sensitive aesthetics of kaiseki. There are three seasonal themes in kaiseki: "shun" (currently in season), "nagori" (previously in season), and "hashiri" (soon to be in season). .... Click here for more detail

JAPANESE FAST FOOD "Takoyaki" -The culture of shared dish-

Exclusive Interview: Gindaco CEO Morio Sase
"Each piece of takoyaki is small, so a tray of them is ideal for sharing, which makes it a uniquely Japanese 'kyoshoku' (shared dish)." .... Click here for more detail

和食 <Washoku> Taste the natural flavors of the seasonal ingredients

The basis of washoku is that it is the meals of ordinary homes, forming a four-part set of rice, soup, side dishes, and pickles. Soup, side dishes, and pickles are served as complementary dishes to enhance enjoyment of rice as the staple food. .... Click here for more detail

The Essence of Washoku

Washoku (Japanese Food) was registered by UNESCO as an intangible cultural asset in December 2013. That means the traditional food culture of the Japanese people has been globally recognized as one of the leading intangible cultural assets of humanity. .... Click here for more detail

Dynamism and Diversity of Japan's Food ~ From Takoyaki to Kaiseki ~

The American "Food & Wine Magazine", famous for rating the most advanced cuisine and lively dining, selected Tokyo as the top "city for the gourmet" two years running, in 2008 and 2009. "Tokyo is a place where chefs go to look for innovation, but at the same time it also has a history of traditional food", and rated the city as having an overwhelming lead..... Click here for more detail