"ONE PIECE" - Tokyo One Piece Tower is a Full-time Attraction Theme Park

"ONE PIECE" is the story of the hero, Monkey. D. Luffy, who became a pirate, and his voyages with his crew. It's a popular work, with over 430 million volumes published worldwide, and the anime cartoon has also been broadcast in many countries.

Tokyo One Piece Tower, located on the 1st floor and floors 3-5 of Tokyo Tower Foot Town, is the first big theme park in the world to let fans experience the world of the "ONE PIECE" cartoon. There are also attractions and live shows to give more experiences of the "ONE PIECE" world, a restaurant, and a shop selling original merchandise.

Ms. Maezawa of the advertising team of Amusequest Inc, who works there because she loves "ONE PIECE", says "There are lots of photo spots around the park, and you can actually touch life-sized figures of 'The Straw Hat Crew' at their feast, to enjoy the atmosphere of the party. There's another place where you can take a couple of snaps with Trafalgar Law, who joined forces with the Straw Hat Crew, and with Luffy's brother Ace. Go ahead and take lots of pictures!!"

There are nine attractions in all. "USOPP'S ROAD TO SOGEKING", where you shoot through all the targets with a slingshot within one minute. Everyone, from kids to adults, can enjoy attractions like "ROBIN'S FINDING PONEGLIFF", which asks you to read and solve the ancient glyphs hidden around floors 3-5 of the park within a time limit of 30 minutes. Our particular recommendation is the "ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION 'PHANTOM'". This live entertainment show, about 20 minutes long, presents an original story that's only available at Tokyo One Piece Tower. It's packed with awesome action from the "ONE PIECE" characters, in front of your eyes.

A QR translator provides English and Chinese (traditional and simplified) translations for each attraction. It gives descriptions of each attraction, and subtitles for animations, so you can enjoy them with no worries. This lively theme park, packed with the "ONE PIECE" world, is a popular spot with foreign tourists.

Address: Tokyo Tower Foot Town, 4-2-8 Shibakoen Minatoku Tokyo
Time: 10:00AM-10:00PM (Last admission 9:00PM)
Tickets: https://onepiecetower.tokyo/ticket/?lang=en
URL https://onepiecetower.tokyo