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Vol. 12 / March, 2021

-The Netherlands-

Spotlight on: The Netherlands
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The Fourth “Natural Food: Audition to Discover New Recipes”

The food needs on the part of Japanese consumers are diversifying into areas such as organic ingredients, and gluten-free and vegan items.
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-GENTLE -Two Different Spaces within One Restaurant

Spring is here! Enjoy evening high tea on the terrace!
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The Coronavirus Crisis has Changed the Business and Value of Food

In 2020, the explosive spread of the novel coronavirus shook the world. Covid-19 rocked Japan and the world, and has transformed the value of food and how we do business.
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Vol. 11 / October, 2020


Learn about sake
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Learn about shochu / awamori
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GENTLE -Two Different Spaces within One Restaurant-

Feel the concept of "just five degrees higher than usual". Enjoy the decor, the background music, the service, and everything else, not just the food. Read more »

Exclusive Interview:
Coleman Griffin

Ometenashi is an opportunity to experience something special. Whether it be sadou, kaiseki ryori or omiokuri. These types of experiences are unique to Japan and are the essence of omotenashi. Read more »

Japan Sake and Shochu Information Center

A wide variety of sake including Daiginjoshu, Junmai Daiginjo-shu, and Junmaishu can be enjoyed in addition to imo (sweet potato)/mugi (barley)/kome (rice)/kokutou (black sugar) honkaku shochu, awamori, and fruit liqueur from across Japan.  Read more »

COVID-19 Transforms the Value of Food and Food Business Models

There is now a trend towards the unbundling of restaurant functions that have been clustered in one place until now.  Read more »

Vol. 10 / May, 2020

Enjoy the Gentle Experience

Gentle occupies two levels, with an Italian restaurant and bar on the 1st floor, and a sushi bar on the B1 level. It has a menu that lets people with diverse dietary habits enjoy dining together, and it greets its diners with features to excite and delight them. Read more »

Finger Foods
The World of Bite-Sized Art

Finger foods are bite-sized dishes that easy to pick up. Called bite-sized works of art, edible gems, and the like, they can take forms ranging from hors d’oeuvres to desserts. Read more »

Burgers Made With True Spirits

Brozers', a gourmet burger specialist restaurant, was founded in 2000 in Nihonbashi Ningyocho, in Tokyo's historic Shitamachi area. We asked the owner, Mr. Kitaura, about the secrets to its success and popularity. Read more »

Thai Food Entertainment

Thai restaurant Gapao is the place to try all kinds of real Thai food, prepared by Thai chefs. It has three smart-casual branches in Aoyama, Ebisu, and Shibuya. We talked to Mr. Tomoya Takahashi, who is the overall manager, as well as a DJ. Read more »

Saido Becomes the World's Top-rated Vegan Restaurant

Saido, a vegan restaurant tucked away in Jiyugaoka, has been picked as the worldwide No.1 in the “Best Vegan Restaurant Ranking” of over 110,000 restaurants on Happycow, the restaurant information website most used by the world’s vegans and vegetarians. Read more »

The Vegetarian Chef in the Spotlight

World Vegan Project Vol. 1, an event for enjoying the world’s finest vegan course meals, took place at Horizon Tokyo in February 2020. Gijs Kemmeren came specially from the Netherlands to Japan as guest chef. He found some time in his busy schedule to grant us an interview. Read more »

Discover the Potential

Interviewing Murat YAPICI, Chief Commercial COunsellor Turkish Embassy, Office of the Commercial Counsellor Read more »

Things that are delicious have to be beautiful

In 2019, Yukiko Sato of Vegan cuisiniere and her former Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo colleague Haruna Kawano formed Veganista Tokyo, a unit that creates vegan products. They use methods they developed at Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo to recreate current trends and future basic items as vegan products. Read more »

The Sparkling Winner of MissJapan Miss Sports 2020

Miss Erika Tanaka, who attends a university in Tokyo, has been picked as “Miss Japan Miss Sports” for 2020. The Miss Japan Contest began in 1950, and has taken place every year since, on the theme of “Aspiring to the true beauty of Japanese women”. Read more »


Delivery services are evolving with the expanding use of smartphones. Until now, “ordering in” has meant picking a meal from a delivery menu, which you already had on hand at your home or workplace, and calling the restaurant directly to place the order. Read more »

Vol. 9 / November, 2019

GENTLE -Italian & Sushi Bar with an evolved stance-

-Restaurant Review- Not to be overlooked would be a martini from the bar just alongside the entrance. I recommended the basement sushi bar for a quiet exploration of culinary artistry. GENTLE indeed. Read more »

AIN SOPH -Return To Your True Self

-Exclusive Interview- The ideal thing, I think, would be for universities to have class units teaching that kind of thing. I want that day to come quickly. Read more »


Italian cuisine and washoku have many points in common. First of all, Italy has four seasons, and its land is elongated from north to south and surrounded by sea.Read more »

Brown Rice Cafe
Organic Roasted Brown Rice Powder

With matcha lattes, smoothies with matcha, matcha-style cakes, and more, "matcha" is becoming a worldwide boom. What will be the next flavor to follow on from matcha?Read more »

Nurturing Spirit in Dew Rose

The secret behind the delicious flavor of Dew Rose, which is cultivated,manufactured, and marketed by Agarato, is the natural water of the Koza River basin in Wakayama Prefecture, a river famed for the purity of its water.Read more »

VEGAN NOODLES are getting noticed as a way to accomodate food diversity

Being reborn as "VEGAN NOODLES" on September 9th, 2019. It is earning the support of foreign visitors to Japan, who enjoy it as a midnight meal in hotels, or as a gift. We asked president Shimokawa of T's Restaurant about it.Read more »

Choice, Not Chance, Determines Destiny

The Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster, triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, prompted me to turn my attention to food safety, and made me notice how unhealthy I had been eating so far.Read more »


-Exclusive Interview- My future goal is to make Japan 100% organic. I would like to see a completely natural Japan with beautiful gardens. It’s an impossible vision, but that is the great horizon.Read more »


Kagawa Nutrition University was born from one woman with a dream that "all people may be healthy and happy". Her name was Aya Kagawa. In addition to being the founder of Kagawa Nutrition University, she was also the mother of nutrition science, who laid the foundations of modern nutrition in Japan.Read more »

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