Brown Rice Cafe -Organic Roasted Brown Rice Powder-

With matcha lattes, smoothies with matcha, matcha-style cakes, and more, "matcha" is becoming a worldwide boom. What will be the next flavor to follow on from matcha?

Organic Roasted Brown Rice Powder by Brown Rice Café was the center of attention when it was exhibited at Natural Products Expo West 2019, the USA's largest trade show for natural foods. Japanese people are very familiar with roasted brown rice as the ingredient in genmaicha (brown rice tea) that gives the drink its rich scent and flavor. Some people outside Japan eat brown rice, but surely Japan is the only place with a culture of adding roasted brown rice to tea for drinking.

The greatest feature of this product is its unique manufacturing method: It is roasted in the heat of a charcoal fired kiln, without using any gas or electricity at all. The roasting work is done with painstaking care in the small hamlet of Nobushina, among the mountains of Nagano Prefecture, which is located in the center of Japan. The effect of infrared waves inside a charcoalfired kiln carries the kiln’s heat evenly throughout every grain, bringing out a deep richness and strong roasted scent that are unparalleled. After roasting, a special mill is used to slowly grind the rice into a fine powder. Part of the finelyground rice powder has porosity similar to activatedcharcoal, which has attracted attention for its detox effect in recent years.

In May this year, Matcha Cha, a popular soft serve ice cream shop in Los Angeles, launched “"roasted brown rice soft serve ice cream" and "roasted brown rice latte" as new products using that organic roasted brown rice powder.

Don't miss roasted brown rice, the new flavor to follow matcha!


Prepare some Roasted Brown Rice SyrupTM
- Organic Roasted Brown Rice Powder, 40g
- Brown sugar, 70g
- Water, 200mL
Mix with a blender until completely smooth!

Pour over ice in a glass
- 100mL of the Roasted Brown Rice SyrupTM
you prepared in Step 1
- Milk, 250mL (or sugarless almond milk)
Thoroughly mix the poured ingredients to finish!