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Nurturing Spirit in Dew Rose

  • delicious Japan
  • November 2019
The secret behind the delicious flavor of Dew Rose, which is cultivated,manufactured, and marketed by Agarato, is the natural water of the Koza River basin in Wakayama Prefecture, a river famed for the purity of its water. The process starts from the cultivation of edible roses, by a unique method that uses no agricultural chemicals, and no chemical or animal-derived fertilizers. The roses nurtured by this farming method are dubbed "Dew Roses". Aragato aims for eternal progress towards a future which will be more abundant for all life, including people, plants and animals, insects, and microorganisms. The basin of the Koza River, at the south end of Wakayama Prefecture, offered us the environment we needed to achieve that goal. Our new "Rose Butter" product was born.

Q: What are the characteristics of your new "Rose Butter" product?

Rose Butter has a subtle rose scent, and it is also outstandingly beautiful in appearance. People can go on eating it with peace of mind because of the care we take over roses free of agricultural chemicals, and over other organic ingredients. It can also be stored at room temperature, because it uses no dairy products.

Q: What are the raw materials?

Organic cashew nuts, organic coconut oil, sugar beet, organic coconut butter, edible rose, beet, and organic lemon juice.

Q: What are some good ways to eat and enjoy it?

There are lots of ways.
Eat it just as it is. Mix it thoroughly after opening, then cool it in the refrigerator to solidify it, then eat it just like that for a satisfying snack.

Spread it on toast or on baked sweet potatoes. Spread on something warm, it melts deliciously, as a butter substitute. Use it as an ingredient in cookies and cakes. Blend it into the mix to add depth to the flavor, as well as a subtle aroma of roses.

As a topping. Put this charming pink butter on top of ice cream or cookies.

Q: Why did you choose butter as your new product?

We settled on butter because we wanted to use carefully picked ingredients to create a product closely related to people’s everyday lives, so that they can eat if every day with peace of mind. We chose to make a butter product without using dairy products and eggs, so that everyone can eat it. After a succession of experiments, we arrived, at last, at safe, trustworthy, and delicious Rose Butter.

Q: What are the four ideas behind Dew Rose?

The first is “delicious flavor”. Flowers bloom in order to carry life on to the next generation. That inner life force is the source of the flower’s beauty. We aim to make it into that kind of presence in people’s lives, to bring the inner source of their beauty into bloom. The second is “purity”. We want to beautifully polish the innate purity that everyone was born with and carries inside. The third is “sparkle”. Dew Rose has a sparkle which comes from the care we lavish on it, and we want to bring that sparkle to our customers too. And finally, there is “heart”. That’s the beautiful hearts of the giver and the recipient. We want our roses, which are well fitted to that idea, to be there in the beautiful hearts of those who give and receive flowers.