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The 3rd EXPAT EXPO TOKYO will Take Place in November

  • delicious Japan
  • May 2022
  • Vol. 14
This is an EXPO for international residents and employers of foreign residents in Japan. There will be many exhibits of services for life support, shopping, and travelling for international residents. Don’t miss this year’s special project “Worldwide Food”!

Kenichi Ichimura
Show Director
EXPAT EXPO TOKYO / International Job Fair TOKYO

The third Expat Expo takes place this year, but what is its primary purpose?

The target attendees are 1) foreigners living in Japan, and their families, and 2)companies which employ foreigners. First of all, the Expo provides such people with opportunities to buy or to comparison-shop various products and services oriented towards foreigners. Another purpose is to help make life in Japan easier and more fun, by providing tourism information and Japanese cultural experience events. The event was not previously adapted to people newly arrived amid the Covid-19 pandemic, but this year we’re looking forward to many such visitors.

The previous two events took place under Covid-19. How do you evaluate the results and impact of those events?

Many people living in a limited community, who previously lacked access to information, have told us they are delighted to have this kind of opportunity. They are delighted that this is taking place as a real event at a time when such events are rare. The second event was three times larger than the first. We expect this year’s event to be even larger.

Which have been the high-profile booths so far, and what areas do you expect to attract attention this year?

Booths offering taste testing and sales of sake and other Japanese foods and drinks have been the center of attention. The Dassai-brand sake pairing experience (no charge) was very popular. I think food-related offerings will be the focus of attention again this time.

What do you see as the needs and expectations of visitors to Expat Expo?

I think they see this as a chance to access foreigner-friendly services, efficiently and in English.

What’s the biggest special feature this year?

We’ve newly added the “World Food Area” as a special feature to give people opportunities to enjoy international exchanges and deepen their understanding of other countries. This year we’re expanding our exhibits related to multinational foods. I think they will be an opportunity to learn about the culinary cultures of various countries, and to enjoy those cultures by taste-testing foods, so I hope people will bring their families and friends along.