Pocket Concierge

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Pocket Concierge

Pocket Concierge promises you superb dining experiences served only by primer restaurants

with the "Uber-like" online reservation and payment experience.

Pocket Concierge is an online service which covers reservation to payment

for rarely bookable restaurants, including but not limited to, the Michelin starred.

You can choose a prix fixe and paring drink and settle in advance online, relieving you from language anxiety.

  • 082
  • Washoku
åEdiTionN Koji Shimomura
(EdiTioN Koji Shimomura)
  • 083
  • French
GINZA Chez Tomo
  • 079
  • French
Wolfgang's Steakhouse Marunouchi
(ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス 丸の内)
  • 080
  • Steak
Genyadana Hamadaya
(玄冶店 濱田家))
  • 081
  • Washoku, Kaiseki
  • French
Ristorante HONDA
(リストランテ ホンダ)
  • Italian
Shinjuku Kappo NAKAJIMA
(新宿割烹 中嶋)
  • 074
  • Washoku, Kappo
Yotsuya Uemura
(四谷 うえ村)
  • 075
  • Washoku, Kappo
Tempura Osaka (天ぷら 逢坂)
  • 085
  • Tempura
Bistot Taka (Bistrot Taka)
  • 0078
  • Bistrot, French