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Story of Nakayama-Kichishoen

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  • May 21, 2018
Wholesale and retail of Green Tea for 150 years since 1865

Nakayama says, “Our mission is to provide high-grade tea at reasonably low prices.” Nakayama is the sixth generation of Nakayama-Kichishoen. Nakayama acquired HALAL certification in 2013 and started to export his products to Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe. Main products are Halal matcha, organic powdered green tea and organic green tea paste with higher standards of food safety and security.

Halal Matcha, Powdered Green Tea and Matcha Paste

Halal matcha is made from gyokuro grown in Yame, Fukuoka Japan. Japanese matcha is a premium high quality tea because it is picked when freshly sprouted at the first harvest of the year, boasting excellent aroma and flavor. The matcha is well compatible with dairy products and surely well-suited to desserts. It could be used for various cooking and dishes, as well as an additive. The matcha paste is processed in a unique way so that its special characteristics are not easily affected including color fading, alterations by heat, light and acid, etc. No other additives are used, so they are pure and simply green tea leaves.

Powdered Green Tea

Matcha Paste
Gyokuro (refined green tea)

Gyokuro is very precious green tea with the finest grade and very little production volume. Gyokuro is sweet with a unique and mildly astringent aroma and mellow umami.


Sencha is the most commonly enjoyed type of Japanese green tea. The freshly-picked tea leaves are steamed and then dried as they are rolled. After leaves have been shaped, they are blended to achieve the best flavor for the consumers.

Mizudashicha (cold water brew green tea)

This tea can be made with water. Just put it in water and stir. Refresh yourself with a chilled cup of Japanese green tea.

Genmaicha (green tea with roasted rice)

Genmaicha is a richly-flavored Japanese green tea made by mixing roasted rice with high quality sencha. Due to low caffeine content, genmaicha is recommended for all ages, from children to the elderly. Houjicha (roasted whole leaf green tea) This fragrant and refreshing Japanese green tea is made by roasting high quality sencha over a high flame. Low in caffeine with somewhat mild flavor, houjicha is enjoyed not only by children and the elderly but also by infants.