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The 3rd Recipe Audition in HCJ 2020

  • delicious Japan
  • February 20, 2020

The 3rd Recipe Audition was held as an event stage in HCJ 2020 at Makuhari Messe on February 19, 2020. The 1st screening of all recipes was done by the 8 judges based on 5 factors: originality, use of ingredients, photogenic, nutrition balance, cost. Out of all of the recipes, 3 recipes for each division (food / dessert) was selected from the general section. There was a student-section where students from Kagawa Nutrition University challenged for “Young-recipe Champion” in each division. Total of 8 finalists gave a demonstration aiming for the grand prix.

8 Judges:

  • Shinnosuke Abe, Nikkokutrust
  • Ritsuko Katagiri, YAKURYO KAIHATSU CO.,LTD.
  • Toshiyuki Kato, TAKE AND GIVE. NEEDS Co., Ltd.
  • Mayumi Kawano, Bio c’ Bon Japon Co., Ltd.
  • Saori Kira, KIRASIENNE Inc.
  • Yuki Shirai, Ain Soph
  • Yohei Shirakawa, Natural House
  • Mioko Toyomitsu, Kagawa Nutrition University
  • Food Division

    Grand Prix
    Crepe with Roasted Brown Rice and Tapioca & Gallete with Chille Con Carne
    Takeshi Ozaki

    Vegetable Sushi
    Tsutomu Kamiyama

    Deep Fried Kadayf and Humus Tartar
    Takayuki Suzuki

    Special Curry in an Edible Cup
    Rin Shimizu

    Dessert Division

    Grand Prix
    Anti-aging Vegan Sweets
    Nobue Taniguchi

    Dates & Apple Tart
    Saki Nakane

    Colorful Pitzel
    Ritsuko Narushima

    Chocolat with Dates Marzipan
    Masako Hirata