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Seiyuzan(天空焼肉 星遊山)

Enjoy your meal on the high-rise building. Our meat is carefully selected by our chef. We serve raw meat as yukhoe and sushi, as well as aged cow tongue and Matsuzaka beef. .... Click here for more detail

Sanjiya (Caretta Shiodome)(四季食楽 三地屋 カレッタ汐留店)

Izakaya, Seafood, Nabe (Hot pot)
Enjoy the seasonal flavor at Sanjiya that serves under the motto of “Sorry if our fish are sold out. Nabe is available everyday.”
.... Click here for more detail

062 Uoya Iccho Shinbashi (魚や一丁 新橋店)

Washoku, Sushi, Nabe, Izakaya
Uoya Iccho is an izakaya from Sapporo, Hokkaido. They serve Hokkaido cuisines such as sashimi, sushi, and crabs at a reasonable price. Fresh seafood and ingredients from Hokkaido .... Click here for more detail

Restaurant >Tsukiji / Shiodome